Nancy Bell’s passion is the great outdoors, anywhere in the world. She watches birds, animals and the flowers grow. She and her husband Chuck travel to places near and far in pursuit of this passion. Not just content with looking, Nancy has embraced photography to better appreciate what she sees. Her ability to capture nature in an artful way has brought her national recognition. She won the 2005 National Geographic/Canon Nature Photo Contest, and her winning picture of a hummingbird appeared in the January 2006 issue of National Geographic Magazine. Her photo of American White Pelicans was runner up in a National Wildlife Refuge photo competition. She has had photos published in magazines and scientific journals. She has also donated selected photos for publication by the American Birding Association, the Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory, and the international birding tour company, Tropical Birding. She has given presentations of her photos at birding festivals, the Denver Museum and to special groups in Colorado. Nancy and her husband live in the mountains northwest of Fort Collins, Colorado. You may contact Nancy by email at or by phone at 970-484-8791.

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